Rama Agriculture Park

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An Introduction to Rama Agriculture Park

The filigree of Sunlight laced through the Greens, Birds in a Sunday medley and you. Welcome to a beautiful way of life. Rama Agriculture Park invites you to find a farmhouse plot, made in nature near the world famous Ganga (Tigri) Ghats. A Farmhouse in Rama Agriculture Park promises to be wooded in eco-friendly haven. It offers you an earthy and unique retreat that’s close to the city, but magically far away from its stresses.

Sprawled across 100 acres of Green and forested lands, it is project with a unique purpose. It seeks to go beyond mundane realities of real estate to an inspired vision of creating a wooded reserve. . Rama Agriculture Park seeks to conserve, restore and replenish the bio-diversity of the rich ecosystem that surrounds it. Built for the ecologically conscious, the nature-loving and those who wish to find a space off the beaten track, it offers farmlands that will exist in aesthetic and functional harmony with their surroundings.

Don’t just Build a Holiday Farmhouse for yourself: Build a Forest for the Nature, Build a Legacy for you and your Children.


Garhmukteshwar is an ancient place that is mentioned in the Bhagvata purana and the Mahabharata. There are claims that it was a part of ancient Hastinapur, the capital of the Pandavas. An ancient fort, repaired by the Maratha leader Mir Bhawan, became, under the British, the headquarters of the tehsil. The name of the town is derived from the temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva, dedicated to the goddess Ganga who is worshipped there in four temples. The town has 80 sati pillars, marking the spots where Hindu widows are said to have become Sati-Mata.

For hundreds of years forests have helped us, now it’s our turn to return the favour.

We’re bringing back the birds and the bees. So, they’re still around for your children.

You might encounter new furry and feathered neighbors on every hike through your neighborhood. We identified many of species of birds and animals before the project. Our ecological strategy has ensured that every-thing will be from natural water resources.


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Farmlands in Rama Agriculture Park

Inspired by the world’s greatest architect: Nature.


Sustainable Farmland Design: We have stayed true to our philosophy of blend rather than build in all our efforts at Rama Agriculture Park. We have ensured our farmhouse will use sustainable materials that not only blend in with the surrounding but are also relevant to the environment in which the farmhouse is built.

The scientific study of the sun path and the wind path has helped us design farmlands which provide you with ample light and ventilation through the day and year round. We have maximized the efficient usage of water in your farmland through drip irrigation, water recycling and rain water harvesting.

The Little Ones Keep Our Gardeners Busy All Day. After All, We’re Planting 140 Saplings on Each Plot.


Imagine walking through 140 Bamboo Plants on your land and when you step beyond your door, you will witness a profusion of growth and verdant beauty. In fact if you’ve got a green thumb, you can join us and watch your saplings unfurl over the years.

Our trees get their water the same way
oceans are made. Drop by precious drop.

DRIP IRRIGATION – Drip Irrigation reduces per plant water consumption to 5 liters per plant.

You won’t have to worry about wasting water on lawns here at Rama Agriculture Park. We’ll create your personal drip-irrigation system for each sapling on your land so that they well-watered without wastage, even when you’re away.

Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of many different plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters.

Farmland Area: 1000 Square Yards

(9000 Square Feet)

Farmland Size: 60’-0” X 150’-0”

Features & Attractions

Free Security & Maintenance for Bamboo Planted Farmlands for 3 Years.

10 Feet Wide Gate (1.6 inches Iron pipe Framed) on each Farm.

140 Bamboo Plants on each Farm. (optional)

Barbed Wire Fencing on each Farm. (3 wires & 5 Feet Height)

Construction of Bamboo Gazebo Hut.

25 Feet Wide Gravel Roads.

Lush Green Environment all around.

Just 15 Minutes Drive from NH-24 (Brij-Ghat).

Free hold Property with Registry and Mutation.



Get together with family and friends at the Rama Agriculture Park and feel the nature in your neighborhood and enjoy the full day entertainment in full day picnic community.

Agriculture & Garden Activities:

Spice Garden, Cactus Garden, Fruit Garden, Vegetable Garden, Rose Garden, Flower Garden, Ayurveda Garden & Many more.

Water pond Activities:

Lotus pond, Fish pond, Natural pond, Plant pond, Duck pond & many more.

Gaming & Sports Activities:

Outdoor – Volleyball, Badminton, Lattu, Kanche, Basketball, Lawn Tennis & many more.

Indoor – Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Tambola, Snaks & Ladder, Billiards & many more.

Competitive – Slingshot, Archery, Gunshot, Mini Basketball, Bowling, Darts & many more.

Rural & Cultural Activities:

Tractor Ride, Bullock Cart, Head Massage, Mud Bath, Tube Well Bath, Chakki, Bird Feeding, Animal Feeding & many more.

Adventure Activities:

High Rope Courses – Zip line, Wall climbing & Rappelling, Slide Ring, Cargo Net, Tyre Wall, Net Burma Bridge, Bamboo balance walk, Commando Net, Net Climbing & many more.

Low Rope Courses – H-bridge, Zig-Zag Bridge, Tyre Wall, Suspension Bridge, Plank Walk, Balance Walk, Beam Balance, Tyre Bridge & many more.

Agriculture Income:


Bamboo Farming

Bamboo is also known as green gold environment In personal farms bamboo is already shifted in grass

category. If you are looking for agriculture income than bamboo farming is the best option. We must tell

you that Indian government is eying on bamboo farming and the government has already launched a

national bamboo mission in which they are also giving some benefits to farmers and believe me government

is ready to launch much more schemes to promote bamboo farming. So this is the right time to enter in the

bamboo cultivation.

There are more than 14k species of bamboos in the world, bamboos are known for fast growth and they are

considered as fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo plants have various growing varieties clumping

bamboo and running bamboo. Running as the name suggests is the fast growing variety in comparison to

clumping verities of bamboo.

Uses of Bamboo:

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