+ Lifestyle

A perfect future of art & craftsmanship. it will be a one-stop destination for entertainment, food & excitement.

In the hope of making our lives more comfortable and easier, in the never-ending race for conquering the best of technology, knowingly or unknowingly we all have killed the child within ourselves. We all miss the old childhood days, when we had no worries, no competition & no targets, just plain simple lives with full day of fun and activities.

We at Rama Agriculture Park will bring that childhood back to you, may be for a day but we promise that you will relieve your complete childhood. Alas your old friends won’t be around but that’s not something to be sad about because you will find new childhood friends in your kids. Believe us – that’s will the best part of it. You will be in love with your true self and look deep into your roots. You will be happy and proud when you will realize the importance and richness of our traditions and culture.

At Rama Agriculture Park we will provide a trip down memory, a place for peace far from maddening cities, rural experiences to refresh memories & dense green environment for your Healthy future. Join us at Rama Agriculture Park and let you discover the vibrant culture of a typical Indian village, indulge in delectable local food, uncover traditions and ways of rural life, rejuvenate your spirit with the folk music & dances, discuss local legends & stories around a bonfire.

+ Community Spaces

Get together with family and friends at the Rama Agriculture Park and feel the nature in your neighborhood and enjoy the full day entertainment in full day picnic community.

Agriculture & Garden Activities:

Spice Garden, Cactus Garden, Fruit Garden, Vegetable Garden, Rose Garden, Flower Garden, Ayurveda Garden & Many more.

Water pond Activities:

Lotus pond, Fish pond, Natural pond, Plant pond, Duck pond & many more.

Gaming & Sports Activities:

Outdoor – Volleyball, Badminton, Lattu, Kanche, Basketball, Lawn Tennis & many more.

Indoor – Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Tambola, Snaks & Ladder, Billiards & many more.

Competitive – Slingshot, Archery, Gunshot, Mini Basketball, Bowling, Darts & many more.

Rural & Cultural Activities:

Tractor Ride, Bullock Cart, Head Massage, Mud Bath, Tube Well Bath, Chakki, Bird Feeding, Animal Feeding & many more.

Adventure Activities:

High Rope Courses – Zip line, Wall climbing & Rappelling, Slide Ring, Cargo Net, Tyre Wall, Net Burma Bridge, Bamboo balance walk, Commando Net, Net Climbing & many more.

Low Rope Courses – H-bridge, Zig-Zag Bridge, Tyre Wall, Suspension Bridge, Plank Walk, Balance Walk, Beam Balance, Tyre Bridge & many more.